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About Us


Hi my name is Angela and my husband John and I own The Agitated Grape in Downtown Davison. I am a wine enthusiast with a passion for Michigan wines. Michigan has over 130 wineries in the state and we produce award winning wines. Our wines are equal and on par to the rest of the country but they tend to be a Michigan secret even amongst our own. I believe in supporting Michigan Wineries and the hidden treasures they hold. If we as Michigan natives do not support our wine industry like anything else it will fade and be lost.

I always knew I liked wine but I always felt slightly intimidated by all that surrounds it. What should I be tasting ? What should I be smelling ? Am I holding my glass correctly? While all those things are well and good to know we should not feel intimidated by them. Wine is to be enjoyed and at The Agitated Grape we offer a relaxed atmosphere. The Grape is a meeting place for people to get together to taste Michigan wines and enjoy the flavors they offer. Our only expectations from you is that you enjoy our wines.

I would like to think however that I am a seeker of knowledge of the things that I love, and I do love wine. I like to absorb any and all information I can on the subject. So to those that would like to learn and enhance there're wine knowledge, we will offer classes and have speakers come in monthly.

The Agitated Grape will also fill a social void that I believe exists in this area...An adult setting for fun events, social interactions and great wine. We have many fun events planned in the months to come (some will be free and some may have a small fee for supplies ex: wine and paint) here are a few ideas and we welcome new ones....

  • Wine and Book Club
  • Walking Dead and Wine Night (will be played on our 60 inch TV's)
  • Game of Thrones and Wine Night
  • Wine and Food Pairing Class
  • Wine and Paint
  • Wine and Murder Mystery Night
  • Wine and Craft Beer Football night
  • Singles Mingle Wine Night
  • The list goes on.......